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Customer Reviews and Testimony

Below you will find actual client reviews and testimony. These reviews below are provided by actual customers who were very satisfied with the services and products we provide to them. Are you a satisfied customer? Please feel free to submit a review below using the form. 








Manny S. - 5 Stars


" I seriously needed help with a very serious legal issue for a mistake I made and I was facing many many years of prison time and I went to Botanica San Miguel seeking help. I attempted suicide twice, I was forced out of my job, I got very sick and lost 30lbs of weight, I was forced out of my house, I couldn't even see my son !!! I was pretty much left out in the streets. Michael has been THE MOST caring, charismatic, awesome person and quickly understood the gravity of the situation I was facing. He quickly set to work on the problem, and his doors were always opened anytime I was in distress. And I went to see him many times because he was the only person who understood my situation and always gave me the right advices and reassurances that everything will be fine. I can tell you very honestly that every time I came out of the place, I had a very good feeling that things will be all right. And it did. Everything fell in place at the right time.

Today, I am well recovered, I am a free man, I have no financial worries and I am living in my house. I am currently able to see my son as well. I go to the gym almost every day and I gained back the lost weight and couldn't look any better !!! I am not saying that everything is perfect, but I am saying that without his intervention I would not be here typing these words. So I owe to him to write the most honest and sincere words, because of him, I am alive and loving life more than ever.

But you also have to believe. Believe that there is a power higher than us and that is always watching over us. And that is what Michael taught me.

So THANK YOU MICHAEL for helping me, for giving my life back, for keeping me safe with your prayers, for all that the advices that kept me straight, for always having your doors opened when I needed a refuge for all my worries, distress and sadness, for always making me feel that I matter and that I am important and most important, for showing me that the feeling of brotherhood and goodwill is ever present in every person with a good heart.

THANK YOU !!!! "


- Review from Google



Sierra Understanding - 5 Stars

I went to this botanica yesterday for protection,lately my bf has been getting out of hand with the domestic violence,so they gave me a reading a temerary bath and a St micheal candel for protection ..that I only just lite a few hrs and my bf was driving to the store to get blunts and the next thing I know police lights were behind us...They pulled us over and took him to jail for driving with no L' be the judge if their works really work!

Rosa Ramos - 5 Stars

Since I have come to Botanica San Miguel my life has changed spiritually, and personally, I can't express my extraordinary experience, all I can say is come and have your own experience whether your visiting, buying remedy, or receiving a spiritual reading , and receive your Blessings you won't regret it.....


- Review from Google

Roxanne Salgado - 5 Stars

"They have such a wide variety of items and the staff is very friendly."


- Review from Google


Sha Teque Artis - 5 Stars

"San miguel is very good"


- Review from Google

Michael Ellingtpn- 5 Stars

"Had great experience with san miguel
he definitely help me spiritually and mentally. After a couple of years I built a good relationship with san miguel.
He's provided me guidance and as well he taught me so much and help with any of my issues that I have encountered. The most things I respect about san miguel, he's never to busy to assist me with any of my issues it's always a phone call away, as well he make sure I stay positive and have faith on the direction I'm headed to. I thank u for everything and the great service my friend."


- Review from Google

Mckenzie Calixte - 5 Stars

"Good store to visit if you going. To a bad life they did help me"


- Review from Google


Gerado Hernandez - 5 Stars

"Botanica san miguel es un buen lugar, el muchacho es muy buena persona, a ti si buscas una botanica o ayuda espiritual yo te recomiendo botanica san miguel"


- Review from Google


Jennifer Allison - 5 Stars

"Botanica San Miguel is the best! Ever since I've met him, my life has changed for better and i was having alot of problem's. It's a great place to be for anyone who having problem in there life.Thank you so much :)"


- Review from Google


Kas T- 5 Stars

"BEST BOTANICA SHOP IN ORLANDO! The owner is wonderful great spiritual communicator, and he is very professional. He is really knowledgeable in his craft and speaks multiple languages. The owner is kind, very positive, helpful and greets his customers with a smile. He has a lovely staff, who are nice and helpful. The store is amazing, it well kept, and well stocked. I will highly recommend this store. Check it out, it will open DOORS:)"


- Review from Google


Eddie Banks - 5 Stars

"Remy is an excellent example of a gentleman. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 5 years and during that time he has given me the best spiritual council. He is not just a spiritual advisor, he is also a good friend.

Thanks my brother for all you have done for me and my family."


- Review from Google


Nani Buckland - 5 Stars

"I have never been to a botanica that was so welcoming and clean like I can't even explain I felt so relax by the time I left the store I just felt so different. I will recommended 100% you will have to go and experience what I did. I will like to take the time to say Thank you to Miguel and the staff for helping me see life the way I do know."

- Review from Google

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