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Remy "Miguel" Zamor


Remy "Miguel" Zamor is a well-renowned spiritual leader from Haiti. From young, Miguel has always been aware of his spiritual connection to various spirits. His spiritual workings are given power through God and his angels. As a spiritual worker with roots heavily based in the Haitian Culture, it is his spiritual connection that plays a significant role in helping the community achieve success.


Miguel immigrated here many years ago with a highly significant purpose. It has been his lifelong dream to open a place where he can provide help to others through the utilization of his spiritual gifts and natural counseling abilities. For the past 33 years, Miguel has dedicated his life to making a difference in the community and lives of others. Through his proven methods, he believes that no problem is unsolvable if a faith in God remains true.


Miguel's spiritual quest began in Haiti at the age of 9 back in 1988. It is at this age that he officially made what the voodoo community recognizes as “Kanzo”. He has since then mastered the art of communicating with his gift to provide spiritual assistance to those who need it the most. At Botanica San Miguel, we do not believe in a sole spiritual path. We believe that all paths serve a higher purpose and that through their combined teachings, we can reach enlightenment. Miguel is a master of myriad spiritual pathways in life and has spent years studying multiple paths of spiritual enlightenment. Throughout his career, he has learned and experienced various spiritual beliefs such as Santeria, Palo, Haitian Voodoo, Sanse, and more. He has mastered the art of working with the most powerful plants, angels, and recipes. Recipes to fix situations, heal the sick through natural medicine, and bring back love where it was lost. Being a very charitable person, Miguel has always dedicated money from his personal funds and donations to help assist the different poor communities around the world. He helps counsel the local community and its youth providing advice to people who are walking on bad paths. Frequently, thousands of dollars are sent back to help those in need with everyday life necessities. This includes building roads, hospitals, schools, shops and more. Clothing, food and toys are constantly being provided at the hand of Botanica San Miguel. We believe that the most powerful message he can deliver to his clients is that "We work for a reason, to help everyone around the world who needs it". Miguel's rise from the poorest parts of Haiti to the well-known spiritual leader that he is today is proof that with a strong belief in God, anything is possible. In 2012 Miguel opened "Saint Michael's Temple" alongside Botanica San Miguel to provide a spiritual haven to those in need. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the power of giving and its ability to heal situations, we urge you to visit us at Saint Michael Temple. Through Saint Michael's Temple, many services are accomplished. Miguel does not charge for any services rendered at Saint Michael Temple. Through the donations received many lives back in the places that need it most are changed. Botanica San Miguel will always continue to make a difference in the life of its family, friends, and clients.  To this day, Miguel continues to adapt himself and his businesses constantly to suit the need of his clients. Frequently, we can see that his popularity increases and is undergoing a steady growth over major media channels such as Rumba 100.3, Univision, Creole T.V, and more.


With over 33 years of experience, Miguel chooses the righteous side to work with. In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost Spirit. He uses his gift to help others find their own gifts and peace in their lives. Please note that we are spiritual advisers and our reach of help is limited to spiritual help only. We cannot provide any legal or medical services. 


We would like to remind everyone that you are welcome to visit Botanica San Miguel, and its temple regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, age, spiritual pathway, or religion. We strive to provide an environment that is welcoming to all.