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About Remy "Miguel" Zamor

Spiritual Leader And Political Activist Spiritual Connection

Remy "Miguel" Zamor is a well-renowned spiritual leader of Haiti. From a young age, Miguel has always been aware of his spiritual connection to various spirits. His work gives power through God and his angels. As a spiritual worker with roots heavily based on the Haitian culture, it is his strong spiritual connection that plays a significant role in helping the community achieve success.


Miguel immigrated to the US many years ago with a highly significant purpose. It has been his lifelong dream of opening a place where he can provide help to others through the utilization of spiritual gifts and natural counseling abilities. For the past 33 years, Miguel has dedicated his life towards making a difference in the community and the lives of others. Through his proven methods, he believes that no problem is unsolvable if a faith in God remains.


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Our No Discrimination Policy

No matter your religion, race, gender, or color you are welcomed at Botanica San Miguel. We believe in an all inclusive environment that involves everyone from all walks of life! We believe everything has a solution by faith. We welcome everyone as family and look forward to seeing you soon.



Miguel opened Botanica San Miguel to offer Indian, Hispanic, African, American and Haitian products.  Botanica San Miguel works with love problems, good luck, sickness and any other issues of faith.


---  O P E N I N G  H O U R S  ---

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Saturday - 12PM - 5PM 

Sunday - Closed

Eastern Standard Time



All services are best received in person.  All services require faith.  Without faith, nothing is possible or promised.  Spiritual and card readings may be done over the phone or the web.


---  C L O S E D   D A Y S  ---